How to buy and sell domain names with new and cutting edge methods. Rick Ellwood opens up his fresh and experimental systems that bring some surprising results. Here in the Blog category, you will find many a ramble about the domaining and internet marketing space. Domain For Sale

12th Year in Internet Marketing And I Buy A Domain

I Purchased My First .io Domain Yesterday marked a twelve-year milestone for me being in the internet marketing space, arena or industry as a lot of marketers are calling it now. To be honest, I wasn’t intending to buy any more domains for a while because I really need to get some flipped and earn […]

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Hello I Am Rick Ellwood

About Rick

My Story   Hi, my name is Rick Ellwood and as I write this introduction I am fast approaching my 56th Birthday. I’m married to Clare and I have two grown-up children Luke and Katie who have fled the nest and Katie has given us our first beautiful grandchild little Lewis age 3. I live […]

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