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Hi, my name is Rick Ellwood and as I write this introduction I am fast approaching my 56th Birthday. I’m married to Clare and I have two grown-up children Luke and Katie who have fled the nest and Katie has given us our first beautiful grandchild little Lewis age 3.

I live in Manchester, England in the UK and I have been a keen online entrepreneur since May 2008. Yes, I have been at this make money online thing for twelve years next month, WOW, and I’m still at my day job. I guess a lot of people are thinking that I should have made my millions with internet marketing by now? I know I would be asking that question, but, I have noticed that many of the successful guru types like to plug just how long they have been in the game but don’t always say when they actually started to have the money surpass their income.

Over the years I have invested in over a thousand make money online info products and courses, and I have made a few of them work and gained plenty of knowledge and experience. However, we don’t get involved or invest our hard-earned money to become just more knowledgeable or experienced, do we? No! We want to earn money or at least get some ROI that’s return on investment for anyone who didn’t know that abbreviation.

Domains And Domaining

I can remember buying my very first domain name along with four others back in 2008. I was following the instructions from the very first course I invested in called Affiliate Millions by a fellow English marketer called Michael Cheney. I won’t go too much into detail, but, that started me on the road to affiliate marketing and investing in more and more products and domain names.

Twelve years later I have well over two hundred domains and at least a dozen websites. The main topic being IM which is the abbreviation for internet marketing. I do have a keen interest in local skilled trades and have been in the home improvement market for over thirty years you will find that I have many domains related to that niche too.

Why Create This Website

I love to experiment with domains and websites and try different methods that I can get a return on my investments especially when it comes to my time and effort. Getting a return on investment of a domain is or should I say can be relatively easier because you can in some cases find domains on offer for as little as a dollar or even for free!

The true purpose of this website is to help others buy wisely and more importantly learn how to sell their domains. I still have a lot to learn and like anything online it is an ongoing thing. I want to share my experiments and my results when I go from A to Z with a domain I’m trying to sell.

I do hope that you will continue to drop in on a regular basis and see how I’m doing with my flipping methods. So until then, stay focused and if you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Rick Ellwood

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