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How I Discovered I Was A Domainer

Hello I Am Rick Ellwood
Hi, I’m Rick Ellwood aka the IM Domainer, click on the image to see my ever-growing Domain portfolio.

Just for the record here, I’m no spring chicken and neither am I an old man on his last legs trying to make his millions before he croaks it!LOL Hi, I’m Rick, from Manchester, England in the UK

However, what a lot of internet marketing experts and guru’s like to tell you is that they have been in the IM space for years…decades even. AND, I haven’t got a problem with that because to be honest, most people don’t make it past a few months. I respect anyone who has time in this game because it is a game that requires commitment and investment and above all persistence.

It is coming up to my 12th anniversary in investing my time, effort, and money in IM which if you aren’t familiar with those initials it’s short for internet marketing. Twelve years, wow, and I’m still at it pretty much every day too. When I say that I’m still at it, I mean that I am continuing to grow in knowledge and experience in some way within the IM space.

I started out in May 2008 after buying a make money online course by a fellow English man called Michael Cheney. It wasn’t an inexpensive course either, in fact I remember asking my wife if I could borrow some money to put to so I could change our lives for the better. She had faith in me to make this make money online thing work and gave me the money to pick up the course and that then lead me on the wild ride to BSO madness.

BSO Madness

Bright Shiney Objects, for those of you who didn’t quite understand the abbreviation, can be a destroyer of people, a destroyer of families, and a wrecker of relationships between you and your better half once you get hooked or forever chasing your dreams of making your fortune online. This happened to me and I can speak from experience that if you don’t get control of yourself and realize that you either have a problem or you just can’t get to focus on one thing at a time, then that is when it can all go to shit!

I really don’t want to get on a roll talking about me myself and I here, I want to talk about Domains and Domaining because over the years I have purchased more domaining and how to flip domains courses than I can remember, but, what I realized only a few years ago was that I had well over a hundred domains sat doing nothing on my Godaddy account and that I had invested so many hours and money into those courses. It hit me like a brick, I was a domaining freak.

Domaining:  Flipping Domains For Profit

I currently have over 200 domains in my portfolio and most of those are related to IM (internet marketing) which for a domainer is quite a small niche. This is my philosophy, I personally think I have a creative mind when it comes to creating info products for the IM niche, so, the majority of my IM domains are either purchased ready for me to build a product that I have in my head or they are related to IM products that have been launched with some success and would make great review sites or a IM blog etc.

I have plenty of domains that are related to local businesses and skilled trades too, and I have domains that have dropped that are of value to the right buyer. However, this About Me page is not where I want to be talking too much on the process of domaining, I will save those topics for the rest of the website.

What I do want you to know though is that Domaining can be a full time or part-time job and for some who get to know how to buy low and sell high, it can certainly replace their income and more! I personally know of people who do this full time and sell domains daily making anywhere between $50 – $500, and I know a couple of fulltime domainers who regularly sell domains in the 4-5 figure bracket!

If you have a few domains already or if you are like me and have more than your fair share just sitting around doing nothing? Join me here on my site for some great methods on flipping domains and websites.

Stay focused and jfdi.