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12th Year in Internet Marketing And I Buy A Domain

I Purchased My First .io Domain Is For Sale

Yesterday marked a twelve-year milestone for me being in the internet marketing space, arena or industry as a lot of marketers are calling it now. To be honest, I wasn’t intending to buy any more domains for a while because I really need to get some flipped and earn some money from them.

Prior to finding and purchasing the domain, I had been on Facebook inside one of the domaining groups. I like to see what people are trying to sell and more importantly what they are wanting to buy. I am fairly new to the group, but, it kind of makes sense to me to go after the buyers rather than the sellers, wouldn’t you agree?

What are the chances that someone who is putting out content about what domains they have for sale, wanting to add to their collection? Pretty slim is my answer.

Sedulous is the .io domain and why did I buy it? is for sale and Clicking the image will take you to the make me an offer page


Yesterday a Facebook group member was asking for a domain that he could purchase that related to an agency such as Upwork or Fiverr for his own agency, at least that is what I was thinking, maybe it could have been for a client, hey, who cares, this guy needs some suggestions.

I don’t know why I do this but I go off in my own little world and try to help this guy, I spend MY time doing research for someone I don’t know and with very little chance of getting rewarded by them buying the domain that I find! Yep, I’m either crazy or I just like to help out too?

I think I am both of the above yet you never know what doing something like this can lead you to. Look at what I did this morning for example..this pic below was a suggestion for some dude wanting domain ideas for a Classic Car yard and I go find some domains that aren’t yet registered.

FB Group Domain Pick
Click to see a post I wrote on my Wealthy Affiliate blog about why I do this daily and a lesson I took from a workmate’s Dad way back in 1992 if I remember rightly?

Why Sedulous

The competitor sites he names are sites where people go to outsource work that they prefer someone else to do, such as write articles, create a video, get a website built for them, and thousands of other tasks. What I reached for was my Readers Digest Reverse Dictionary and started out with the word Career and then moved on to the word Occupation which leads me to Specialist and eventually to Diligence.

Obviously, diligence wasn’t going to be available as a one-word domain so by looking words up in this type of dictionary, it expands out with relevant words with similar meanings.If you look up the word sedulous in Google you will find it relates to hard-working and diligence.

Image 2020-05-13 at 7.16.00 am.png

This is a fantastic domain to have as a company name especially if your company provides services.

Investing in the Domain

I will be quite honest here and admit that I had no intention of buying the domain at first, the reason being was that I was doing this as an experiment, I was in unchartered territory and it wasn’t really my bag….Until after I had gone over the few remaining domain extensions that were available as a one-word option. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw was available, I hesitated because it was four times the price of a dot com domain at hand registration check out!

Before I press the button I then go to one of my favorite appraisal tools and I almost went into shock because the tool only evaluates the TLD dot com! However, by entering I would be able to gauge its value along similar lines.

Hey my fingers are getting repetitive strain pains typing today, so I’m going to finish off with a video to explain ;

I hope you enjoyed this post, to be honest, it took me almost three days to get it out here lol,

Stay focused and keep at it, folks,



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